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Ignite Curiosity. Crystallize Thinking. Concentrate Action.

All of URGEO’s partners are entrepreneurs at heart. We are as ambitious as our clients and know winning requires sacrifice, grit, and dynamic thinking that can only be gained through experience and hard work. Most importantly we match our client’s passion with our own, knowing that the most successful businesses have leaders with a singular passion to win.

Martin Hunter

Managing Partner

Kevin Lang


Dylan Jones


Dan Abbate


Dean Miller


Greta Sanchez

Project Manager

Andrea Spiegel

Project Specialist

Take action.
Take back control.

Urgeo provides tactical c-suite services that are fractional in time, but exponential in impact.



“We prefer brutal honesty to anemic insincerity.” - Martin’s philosophy for getting work done.

Martin is not afraid to roll his sleeves up and into the guts of a business. Martin has the exceptional ability of translating vision into frontline operations. He is an energetic, authentic and engaging leader who lives to inspire people of all ages and walks of life. His strengths in leadership were learned through 10 years of active military experience where he learned the implementation of KAIZEN systems. As the managing partner of Urgeo, Martin is the driving force behind what it means to succeed, not only for Urgeo’s clients but also for Urgeo’s team.



Kevin is a 25+ year entrepreneurial veteran. Kevin has developed and sold multiple businesses holding deep experience in industrial manufacturing and processing and strong team development. As a 14 year member of EO, including sitting on the Regional Canadian Board he is a seasoned and sought after expert in EOS implementation with a wide scope of entrepreneurial businesses. Kevin also continues to develop a real-estate investment portfolio of single family homes, condos and industrial buildings.



Dylan is a serial entrepreneur having started several start-ups since university in a variety of different markets: cleantech, innovative cement, CPG (Food), and cannabis. He is a data driven sales specialist, believing a robust go-to-market strategy, sound product-market fit and systematized sales processes to be the most effective way to grow. Dylan has assisted companies in building effective teams and growing revenue in Canada, China, and Japan.

Dylan obtained his MBA in the clean energy economy and focuses on products and technologies that either help people or help reduce negative impact on the environment.



Dan Abbate is an entrepreneur, thought leader, and investor with a career-long focus in business process optimization and has used that focus to execute multiple transactions including startup financing, mergers and acquisitions, and turnarounds.

Between the years of 2003 and 2013, his transactions cumulated to over a total market value of $100,000,000 in both private and public markets. He has experience in both B2B and B2C companies and enjoys advising and leading high-level operational initiatives, including infrastructure design, process re/engineering, and reorganization to deliver extraordinary results in profitability and operational performance.

Dean Miller


Dean is a proven leader, with years of experience, across all disciplines within a wide variety of Technology / IT companies. He has led small teams and large teams, in companies from start up, to multinational. He has performed roles from test automation to CEO. He knows firsthand that Leadership, People, and Process are all vital, yet none can function if out of balance with the others.

Greta Sanchez


With over 18 years experience in customer service, finance, business & office administration, and management consulting, Greta is detail oriented, thorough, and extremely efficient, bringing all the necessary administrative and logistics support to our team and clients.

She has worked in several industries, including hospitality, construction, retail and consulting firms, and has constantly demonstrated leadership, organizational and multitasking abilities that she applies into everything she does.

Greta is thoughtful and kind, enjoys helping others and learning new things every day.

When not at work, Greta loves photography, hiking, going to the beach and spending time with her loved ones.

Andrea Spiegel


Andrea is a driven operational leader with 12+ years of experience working with companies from the startup phase as they scale into larger business practices. Passionate about people, her focus is on supporting leaders at all levels to develop efficient systems in order to create highly functional and profitable organizations. She is a constant innovator, always finding opportunities to improve processes, clarify vision, and ensure that the momentum is moving in the right direction.

URGEO (to urge): A strong desire to drive change, stimulate thought, incite feeling, encourage action.

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