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A New Path: Taking a Look into People’s Behaviours

Are you somebody who questions why something happened the way it did? Or do you wonder what led somebody to make the decision or choice that they did?

These questions have started to show up more often in daily life, wondering why we take our behaviour for granted and questioning how we ended up this way as the human race. It seems like in today’s culture so many people get judged for the decisions they make, that we as a society are changing our behaviours and the way we perceive people. We are looking to others to make the hard choices because we are all hesitant to be the one who makes the wrong decision.
I find myself questioning why people are doing what they do and what behaviour leads them to believe that was the best decision they could make. How do these types of questions effect behaviour and how do they influence people to be sure they are making the right decisions? I am not perfect and I think we can all admit that at one point or another everyone makes some kind of preconceived judgment about someone else’s personal choices.

My name is Justina and I have just started my career at Urgeo as a Junior Consultant. I’m a beginner in the consulting world and everyday there are situations or meetings that force me to put on my thinking cap and dig deeper into people’s minds. The purpose of doing this blog is to figure out why we do what we do and how did we get there. In the coming months I have been assigned to work with a company who I am excited to learn and grow with. I’m excited to see the company, meet their employees and find out what drives them to do what they do.

I am sure that along the way I will have my own opinions regarding some of the things that are brought up in conversations and there is nothing wrong with that, isn’t it my job to ask questions and find out what caused a certain effect? My goal is to learn why people are making the decisions they are and what does our everyday behaviour have to do with that. All I can ask is that you do the same. Question me, question why I do what I do and why specifically in that way. Together we will find out how our choice in our behaviour is taken for granted on a daily basis, and lastly, how to go back to the basics if you feel like you’re lost in your journey.

Ask yourself the tough questions and find out how you got to where you are, what is the cause and effect of your daily routines and how does that effect behaviour?

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