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We help CEOs solve their most pressing challenges so they can do what they do best. Lead.

We know what keeps CEOs up at night – because we’ve been there. From brand new founders to established moguls, even the strongest business leader is in a constant state of flux, weighing data against instinct. Working to help create operational efficiencies, URGEO’s Fractional COOs re-establish integral business processes and execute structural improvements that allow leaders to regain focus on their core priorities: leading and working on the business.

Your second in command

Serving as a bridge between the grand visions of the CEO and the executional realities of the business, the Chief Operating Officer is a crucial component to the success of any company. A capable COO takes the time to understand the operations of the company, as well as the company’s position in the industry. That knowledge informs vital strategic decisions that are often the primary drivers of business growth. However, capable COOs can often come with a significant expenditure that can take years of profitability to offset.

Fractional in time, exponential in impact

While URGEO’s operational support may be fractional in terms of the fixed time we spend with your business, our “get it done” services offer results that are felt across the entire organization. The benefits of why to hire a fractional COO include:

An executive recruitment firm will inherently be more proficient at attracting and screening top-notch candidates than the average company looking to hire its own COO. The result is the ability to bring in a seasoned operations professional that has experience with relevant industries or business types.

Some companies choose to use a Fractional COO to provide greater flexibility within the role. Hiring just for what you need, when you need it, creates an a la carte operational solution that many companies appreciate.

Time is valuable, the immediacy of hiring a part-time COO is another soft cost-saver. For interim situations, bringing in a part-time COO offers immediate help while a more exhaustive search for a permanent COO can run its course.

Paying for a Fractional COO eases the cost burden associated with a full-time employee because the company can skip the recruitment and hiring costs, as well as the associated salary.

Companies looking to hire a full-time COO can get started by hiring a part-time COO to ease their staff into the change. Additionally, bringing in a third-party COO first can help to flesh out the needs for the permanent role.

From limited engagements during the selling of a business to full blown mergers, times of transition are prime opportunities for bringing in a Fractional COO because they present unique operational challenges that require specialists.

Put us to work on helping your business level up.

Translating strategy into frontline operations, URGEO helps leaders and the people within their organization excel at safe, on-time, on-budget and on-spec delivery. Let’s touch base so we can learn how we can level up your business.

URGEO (to urge): A strong desire to drive change, stimulate thought, incite feeling, encourage action.

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