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Prioritizing Life – How Do We Benefit from It?

I’ve found that we live in a world where it seems like nobody can catch their breath and a lot of the time there is no pause button to escape from reality. People are always running around trying to figure out how it is possible to prioritize and find a balance between work-life and home-life. One of the first things Martin expressed to me was that I need to have better control of my scheduling and that I prioritize everything in my life.

In my last post I talked about productivity versus efficiency and how that affects people’s work ethic and motivation in the workplace. After taking a month to digest and come up with a more concrete opinion and I narrowed it down. My conclusion is that people who are successful in the workplace have exceptional skills at prioritizing.

Look at some of the most successful people you know. I’m going to make the assumption a lot of these people you just thought of make sure they plan ahead and prioritize things that are vital in their lives. But how do they do so to make sure that the things they do outside of work don’t start to feel like it’s a second job? How do people make the time for things that matter to them without compromising quality of work in the workplace?

PRIORITIZING – it has to be the root of how these magical people can find time to achieve everything they want and still have time to relax in their day.

I think about prioritizing and how Martin somehow managed to get me to start prioritizing my days without say the words “what are your priorities?”

Sometimes when that word gets thrown around it turns people away because in all reality, there are people like me who believe that I don’t need to prioritize and make a list of things because I can get it all done without it. The truth is that I can’t, my ego is just too big for me to actually say “Hey, it’s time to prioritize, you’re falling behind”. So how do you get somebody to change that way of thinking?

It started with Martin getting me to write a daily log so I can clear my head and be in a positive mindset but also because I truly enjoy writing. Little did I know that this actually helps me figure out what my priorities are for the day and what is important to me. Although the daily log is something that works for me there are plenty of other things that people do to make sure their daily vital activities are prioritized.

So how do we ensure that we make enough time for the things that matter? Is there a solid way to balance that where everyone in the end is happy? Think about the things in your life that make you feel like you’ve achieved something, made you feel proud or happy because it’s something you really wanted to do, are those things your priority? Do you find a steady balance between those activities and work? How do you do it?

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